In 2006, Daria and Nikki’s father, Tano, was killed in a stand-off with police after taking hostages while attempting a bank robbery. Daria, who was 15 at the time, saw live news coverage of the confrontation and says she was able to speak with her father before he died.

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“He told me he loved me more than I would understand, and he promised that he would come home that night and he never did,” she says. Then, says Daria, she watched her father get shot.

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Nikki was 10 when Tano was killed and says she will ‘never forget’ seeing footage of her father’s death on television the day after he died. “I ended up shutting down from it,” she says.

Nikki and Daria’s mother, Barbara, says after her husband’s death, her daughters’ already difficult relationship turned violent. Now they don’t see or speak to each other at all.

On Friday’s Dr. Phil ’s Dr. Phil., the estranged sisters reunite for the first time in five years. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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