“When I first met Josh, I was intrigued by his seemingly mysterious New Age thinking,” says Jem. She claims her now ex-boyfriend told her he could channel “ascended masters,” and eventually claimed that he was Jesus and that one day he would have the ability to fly. That was nearly three years ago. 

“He was extremely manipulative and controlling,” says Jem. She’s alleging that - during the year they dated - Joshua used what she now says are his “delusions” to manipulate her and justify “torturing” her. She’s claiming he required her to take scalding baths, made her run through the snow until she dropped from exhaustion, and forced her to fast for days at a time. “He tried to get me to give up food and live on God’s energy.”

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Jem also claims Joshua attempted to choke her when she told him she wanted to leave him. She says she now believes he’s “a dangerous man with a Messiah complex.”

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil Joshua says he’s sorry for what Jem went through. He says the baths Jem took weren’t scalding – just very hot. Joshua also insists he wasn’t in control. He claims he’s a prophet of God who was in "spiritual warfare" at the time of his relationship with Jem. Click here to find out where you can watch.

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Woman Claims Ex Who Told Her He Believes He’s Jesus Would Lecture Her ‘For Hours On-End - Until I Was Drained Mentally’