Zack and Spring’s 6-year-old son, Mason, was murdered by Zack’s mother, Martha, in 2014.

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Martha was babysitting Mason and his older brother, Aden, in their home when she killed Mason in a bathroom. Aden, who was 8 at the time, heard everything.

After Mason’s death, Zack and Spring had another son. The couple is currently separated, however, and Spring’s mother, Dean, helps to look after the boys while she’s at work. But Zack claims that Dean has slapped Aden and is “abusive.” He says he doesn’t want her around the kids.

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“For someone to know what we’ve been through and to come in our life and abuse us? That’s sick,” he says.

Dean acknowledges that Zack doesn’t approve of her spanking the kids and that they disagree on parenting. But spanking isn’t the only thing she’s been accused of.

Dean says Aden became upset after she put her younger grandson in time-out, behind a closed bathroom door and Aden heard the child crying.

“He ran, and he was adamant about wanting to rescue his little brother,” she says, conceding that the incident created “a family situation.”

When Dr. Phil says, “You can’t miss the symbolism,” how does Dean respond?

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