Marla and David claim their son, DJ, is violent and delusional. They claim he talks to people who don’t exist, says he’s the most powerful person on the planet, believes he’s being monitored and has accused them of selling him into slavery.

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“And that was the one that was the most hurtful, by the way,” says Marla.

On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil asks the couple, “But he hasn’t always been this way?”

“No, absolutely not,” says Marla. She says she noticed a dramatic change in DJ’s behavior very suddenly, over a single weekend three years ago, while he was away at college.

“I spoke with him on a Friday,” she says. “Regular conversation. And on Sunday, two days later, he was completely fractured on the phone.”

Why does Marla say she believes her son’s sudden, alleged break from reality might be related to drug use? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday. 

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