Erica says she has been living with a dependency on alcohol for years that is so strong, she will drink anything from cleaning supplies to bug-spray just to “catch a buzz.” She also says she developed an eating disorder as a child and later turned to drinking and drug use as a band-aid for a “lifetime of hurt.”

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“I was about 25 when I started to really rely on alcohol as a form of changing the way that I felt,” says Erica, adding, “I wasn’t taught coping skills. I wasn’t taught how to deal with stress, or sadness, or pain.”

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When Dr. Phil asks Erica what her life would look like if she were to write a new “life script” for herself, how does she respond?

And later, when Dr. Phil refers Erica to Ocean Recovery, a dual diagnosis and treatment facility that specializes in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, does she agree to go?

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