Stone Foltz, a former high school athlete, was majoring in business at Bowling Green State University when he pledged a fraternity. On one of the last nights of the fraternity initiation process, Foltz was reportedly encouraged to drink an entire bottle of liquor. According to witnesses, Foltz drank around a fifth of Whiskey in less than 20 minutes and was then brought to his room by two frat brothers and left alone. His roommate discovered him unconscious and attempted CPR while his girlfriend called 911.
Hear the 911 call and see video of Foltz from the fraternity house shortly after he consumed the alcohol in the video above.
Foltz’s parents, Shari and Cori, are speaking out for the first time since the trial, in which two fraternity brothers were sentenced to jail, on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Deadly Brotherhood: The Fight to Stop College Hazing.” And, Gregory Parks, a nationally known expert on the psychology of hazing, shares why young men and women may seek membership into fraternities and sororities – and why they stick with the process even though it may unexpectedly turn bad. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Parents Whose Son Died After Hazing At Bowling Green State Univ. Speak Out For First Time Since Trial

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