Victoria, a 19-year-old who admits she’s filled with rage and has anger-filled outbursts, claims that her fiancé, Jeremy, provokes her, and it’s his fault she acts out.

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When Jeremy’s grandfather died and he went to Puerto Rico for the funeral, Victoria left him a rant-filled voicemail, which Dr. Phil plays on Monday’s episode.

“You're a [expletive] dirty, nasty, ugly Puerto Rican [expletive] beaner. You're disgusting and you should have been put six feet deep in the [expletive] grave, like just like your nasty Grandpa,” she says on the recording. “You deserve to [expletive] die along with him.”

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After listening to Victoria's rant, Dr. Phil asks her, “Do you think that voicemail is becoming to you as a lady?”

Hear Victoria’s response in the video above, and hear more of the recording. How does she explain her comments?

And on Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil helps the teen discover what is at the root of her rage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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