Toni says her 31-year-old son, Justin, is a lazy, entitled, “mooch”!

Just weeks ago, she says she and her husband, Ricky, kicked Justin out of their home after they claim he lied about losing “yet another job.” Toni claims he’s had over 20 jobs in the past 10 years and has either quit or been fired from all of them. Ricky says Justin is the laziest person he’s ever met and that he believes Justin takes advantage of his mother’s good-hearted nature. Toni suspects that what she calls Justin’s all-play, no-work behavior can’t just be because he’s lazy and says she believes her son’s mood swings and depression are a sign of deeper troubles.

Toni and Ricky say their biggest concern is Justin’s relationship with his 5-year-old daughter -- who they say they feel isn’t a priority for him. Justin admits he’s made mistakes and says he isn’t proud of being jobless, but the last thing anyone should call him is lazy! He says he needs support – not constant criticism and put downs. Justin says he feels that the person standing in the way of having a good relationship with his daughter is his ex-wife, Leslie, who he claims uses their daughter as a weapon against him -- which Leslie firmly denies. Justin says he came to the show ready and committed to making a change … but is he?

Hear about the dramatic turn of events that took place the morning of the show that no one expected. Can Dr. Phil get through to this admittedly troubled young man?

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