Kristie says her son, Wyatt, was killed, and his friend Tony was seriously injured in November 2020 when another driver failed to observe a stop sign. Kristie claims that the driver showed no remorse and insisted the collision was not his fault.

“Because the driver wasn’t drinking and had no drugs in his system, the case was considered to be a traffic misdemeanor,” says Kristie. “I’ve always understood manslaughter to be when you kill someone by accident, but you kill them nonetheless. But that’s not the way the law is written.”

Continuing, Kristie says, “What makes matters so much worse is that the driver’s misdemeanor was dismissed from court because his right to a speedy trial was violated.”

In the video above, Kristie, who lives in Florida, says she wants to see the traffic laws in her state changed.

This episode of Dr. Phil, "Questionable Law?” airs Tuesday.

And later, hear from Tony, who says “no justice was served” to the driver who caused the collision that left him severely injured and killed his friend Wyatt.

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