At 27, Niki is homeless, addicted to heroin and living in Florida with her boyfriend, Jessey. She’s also eight months pregnant.

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In the video above, Niki says the first thing she thought about when she learned she was pregnant, was getting an abortion, but she says she didn’t have the money.

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Niki reveals she’s only been to the hospital once since finding out she was having a baby, and it wasn’t because she went on her own. “I was sent to the hospital because I overdosed and they sent me to see an OBGYN when I was there.”

Niki says she hasn’t tried to get clean since learning she was pregnant, because “if I did try to detox right now, not only would I get very sick, but it’s a huge risk for the baby.” She says she doesn’t want to risk having a miscarriage. 

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Niki’s boyfriend, Jessey, claims she’s overdosed four to five times already, and he’s scared of losing her and their baby. “So that’s why I really, really need you, Dr. Phil, to help us.”

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Tune in to Dr. Phil on Wednesday to see the emotional reaction from Niki’s mom Sharon and her sister Sammantha when they learn about Niki’s pregnancy. And what does Dr. Phil say he’s prepared to do to help her? Later, Sharon and Sammantha see Niki in person for the first time in nearly two years. It’s part one of an emotional two-part Dr. Phil. And on Thursday, find out whether Niki is willing to get clean before the birth of her baby.

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Why A Pregnant Woman Who Says She’s Addicted to Heroin Claims She Can’t Quit Using - Yet