Sharon says she doesn’t recognize her daughter, Niki, anymore: “The last time I saw that person, she was 19 years old, and heroin robbed her from me.”

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Now 27, Niki says she’s homeless, addicted and eight months pregnant. She admits she’d been prostituting herself on and off for about three years to support her drug habit.

“I kind of figured that that’s what was going on,” says Sharon on part two of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Thursday. She says she’s devastated after years of trying to help her daughter.

“Heroin addicts wear their families down. They give to them, and they give to them, and they give, and they give - whenever they don’t even have to give to themselves, but they’ll give whatever they could give to them, try and help them. And one day you’re just, just like, ‘I am so tired of this. I can’t help her.’ I will shout it from the rooftops: ‘I cannot help her.’”

What does Sharon tell Dr. Phil she believes led Niki to start abusing drugs? This episode airs Thursday.

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