Michelle says her 9-year-old son, Raymond, is verbally and physically aggressive and lacks empathy for others. She says he has been diagnosed with various disorders and prescribed multiple medications but claims no physician has ever spent more than 20 minutes observing him.

“We’re just holding our heads above water at this point,” says Michelle. She wants to know what she can do differently.

On Wednesday’s episode,“‘My Little 9-Year-Old Terror,’” Dr. Phil sends Certified Behavioral Analyst Megan St. Clair and Child and Family Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy to observe Raymond’s behaviors as well as the dynamic between Raymond and Michelle.

“He’s desperate for control,” says Dr. Sophy after watching the pair.

When their interaction deteriorates, Megan steps in to help Raymond re-direct his frustration while modeling ways for Michelle to de-escalate his aggressive behavior.

Watch the video above to hear Raymond's response when Megan asks him what he would change to have a better life?

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