Karen says she’s in love and hopes to spend the rest of her life with “Thomas,” who she recently met online but has never met in person or talked to via video chat.

“He’s real. He’s honest. He’s loyal. He’s committed,” said Karen in part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “My Mom Is in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Exist.”

Karen admits she sent “Thomas” around $10,000, which her daughter, Mindy, says she didn’t know about “until after the fact.” Mindy says she believes that “Thomas,” who claims to be a successful oil rig engineer and currently stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, is catfishing Karen. But, she says, none of the evidence she’s shown her mother has convinced Karen that “Thomas” isn’t real.

Watch the recap from part one in the video above, then tune in for part two, “Karen’s Catfish: Will She Believe the Truth,” to find out how Karen responds when she meets Tom, whose name and personal information were stolen, and K.D., the man whose photos were stolen from the internet and used by her alleged catfish to create the “Thomas” persona.

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WATCH: Woman Says She’s In Love With A Man She Met Online. Her Daughter Claims She’s Being Catfished

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