Trap, who moved to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of becoming a professional fighter in the MMA, says he has lost several friends, business relationships and opportunities due to internet “trolls” bad mouthing him. He admits he has engaged his “haters” online as well as made “joke” posts on other fighters’ social media pages, which has resulted in him getting kicked out of training facilities.

“What he’s getting is a direct correlation to what he’s doing,” says Phil, the owner of the gym Trap formerly trained at. “He’s ruining his own life.”

Phil says he likes Trap personally but was forced to stop training him – not because of Trap’s “trolls” but because he lied about his own online behaviors.

Watch the video above to hear what Phil says was the final straw that caused him to kick Trap out of his gym and off his team. And later, find out why another one of Trap’s former coaches says he, too, decided to distance himself from Trap.

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