Alexx says for the last nine years, she’s been dating men who are serving time behind bars. She says she’s currently in relationships with seven different men convicted of crimes ranging from drug distribution to kidnapping and attempted murder.

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She says now that one of the men is out after serving time for violent crimes, she plans to move in with him, and all the other men will go away.

“Did he go through any experiences that would cause you to believe that he’s not likely to do that again?” Dr. Phil asks Alexx on Friday’s episode.

“He’ll go back to prison. It’s a pattern for him,” she claims.

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“Why is that OK with you?” Dr. Phil continues.

“He’s the love of my life,” Alexx says, adding that he loves her in his own way. “His soul is dead and his heart is black -- that’s what he says. But yes, I’m very special to him.”

In the video above, hear why Dr. Phil says he’s concerned about Alexx. And, Alexx shares that she’s “ride or die” for this man and would even consider committing a crime for him. Plus, hear five theories why women marry prisoners.

On Friday, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for Alexx. And, hear from another woman who married an inmate serving 43 years. Check here to see where you can watch.

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