Rick, a hip-hop artist who performs under the name “OG Raw Deal” and says he has thousands of followers on social media, claims a man named Lenard, whom he’s never met, began stalking, harassing, and spreading lies about him online several years ago.

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“Lenard said many, many, many lies about me. The main one is he said I’m wanted by the FBI for being a child predator, which is 100 percent false,” says Rick, who also claims Lenard has threatened him, and his family with physical violence.

“He’s constantly emailing my daughter, Facebooking my son, he threatened to rape my daughter while I watched, and then shoot me in the face,” says Rick. “We haven’t had any peace in six years.”

Lenard adamantly denies stalking or threatening Rick or his family. He’s claiming that Rick is the one who has been harassing him.

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