Former child actor Orlando Brown is best known for his role as Eddie on the hit Disney Channel show, That’s so Raven. But now, at 30 years old, Orlando has reportedly gone from a promising young star to being homeless, using drugs, and battling mental health issues with no professional support.

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Orlando’s friend and manager, Solomon Barron says he called Dr. Phil for help because he believes Orlando is “obviously delusional.”

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“His whole life is in shambles right now, and he doesn’t quite understand that,” he adds. Solomon says he took Orlando into his home several months ago but recently had to kick him out. “Financially and emotionally I’m at my limit.”

Orlando’s friends say they fear he’s near death and they are desperate for Dr. Phil to intervene.

“He’s burned so many bridges no one wants to deal with him. If you can’t help, he does not have a chance,” says Solomon.

Dr. Phil has a treatment plan, but is Orlando ready for help?

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