Robin is an admitted hoarder who currently lives with half a dozen dogs and a cat in one bedroom of a rented home where she admits she isn’t even able to use the kitchen. She says that when her daughter, Tracy, came to her home and asked if she was ready to go on Dr. Phil, she cried.

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“It was like a dam burst,” says the 71-year-old, adding, “I’m so ready!”

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Robin says she trusts Dr. Phil, “Because he’s not about judging me, not about ridiculing me… not about calling me ‘Rob-the-slob.'”

Robin says that as a child her mother called her the name and wouldn’t permit her to have any possessions of her own. She says she’s had trouble throwing anything away, ever since.

“It’s a strong, emotional, powerful sort of thing,” says Dr. Phil, explaining why some people turn to hoarding as a coping mechanism.

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Later, Robin accepts his referral to Onsite so that she can work on overcoming the trauma of her past. But Robin is about to be evicted, and Tracy says her mother can’t move in with her.

Tune in to Thursday’s episode to find out what Dr. Phil recommends for Robin when she comes back.

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