Film and television star Mischa Barton has found herself in the spotlight in recent months for reasons that have little to do with her abilities as an actress. Entertainment news outlets have recently reported on an incident at the actress’ home where she was recorded in an emotional state: crying, yelling, moaning, and attempting to climb a patio fence.

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Next, there was a very public announcement that Barton would be making a preemptive strike against the possible sale and release of a sex video she claims was made without her knowledge or consent.

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil sits down for an exclusive one-on-one episode with the former star of the hit television series, The O.C. The pair discusses Ms. Barton’s recent decision to obtain restraining orders against two former boyfriends to block any possible dissemination of the explicit footage. Mischa says she first became aware of the video several months ago when someone approached her about the existence of the recording.

“And I didn’t believe it at first – I couldn’t believe it because I had loved this person and I didn’t think it was possible,” asserts the 31-year-old who says she later learned “it was entirely possible.”

“It was a crime – it is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge like that,” says the actress, who has referred to the video as “revenge porn” and claims she’s the victim of “emotional blackmail.”

Barton claims that people have been “shopping” the video around; attempting to sell the recording to the highest bidder. But until an investigation is completed, she says she can’t say for certain who exactly is involved.

How does the performer say she became involved with the person she now says she feels “conned” her, and why does she say she now believes it was all premeditated? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. Click here to find out where to watch.

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Why Actress Mischa Barton Says She Believes Someone Slipped Her A ‘Date Rape’ Drug