Film and television actress Mischa Barton is at the center of two recent Hollywood scandals that have threatened the former child actor's personal and professional reputations.

In a video from a January 2017 incident at Ms. Barton’s home, the onetime star of the popular television series The O.C. appeared to be crying, yelling, moaning, climbing on - and falling off - a patio fence.

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First responders were called to Barton’s residence, then transported the actress to a local hospital. She later made a statement to the press asserting that she believed the cause of her unusual behavior was due to having (unknowingly) been given GHB (widely known as “the date-rape drug”) while having drinks with friends.


“The paramedic said that I showed all the symptoms of GHB and that I was drugged,” she tells Dr. Phil during an exclusive interview airing Monday.

In an unrelated event, 31-year-old Barton recently announced her that she had obtained restraining orders against two former boyfriends. Claiming she’s been the victim of “complete emotional blackmail,” the actress claims one of the men made a sex video of her without her knowledge or consent.

“My absolute worst fear was realized,” says Barton. “I learned that someone I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments.” Barton also claims there are people now attempting to sell the recording – which she refers to as “revenge porn” – to the highest bidder.

What impact have these controversies had on the actress’s personal and professional lives? On Monday’s episode, Mischa Barton sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil to clear up the gossip and rumors surrounding these, and other events.

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A portion of the above video was provided to the Dr. Phil show by TMZ.

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Hollywood Actress Mischa Barton Claims Someone She Loved Made A Sex Video Of Her Without Her Knowledge