John and his ex-wife, Terry, say they fear for the life of their 2-and-a-half-year-old grandson; claiming the toddler is at risk if he remains in the custody of their son, David.

They claim David has “spiraled out of control,” won’t get a job, and is now homeless – sometimes living in his “broken down truck,” and sometimes a shelter – with his little boy.

David adamantly denies his parents’ accusations. He says he’s “a very good father,” who puts his son first, and will not give his parents custody of his boy.

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“I’m very worried about my grandson and his possibilities of injury,” says John, claiming the child survives on milk, crackers, and “whatever little food the shelter supplies him.” He says he’s tried to get David to let him have the child while he gets on back his feet.

“He needs a home, a bed – a bath,” says Terry, of her grandson. She also claims the child has not had vaccinations since he was 9-months-old.

Terry says she knows her son loves his boy – but says she believes David isn’t capable of taking care of him. “If David doesn’t get help, I will have to take my grandson.”

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