Sharon says growing up, her daughter, Niki, excelled at everything, “Academics, sports. She was the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad.”

Then, says her sister, Sammantha, Niki started doing drugs. “I begged my parents to just listen to me. I told them that she was on drugs, and they told me to shut up.”

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At 25, Niki says she met her fiancé, Jessey, and later moved to Florida. On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, the 27-year-old admitted she’s homeless, pregnant, and addicted to heroin. “I definitely blame myself for the way I’m living now. I chose to give up everything and I chose to put drugs above everything else.”

Watch a recap of Wednesday’s episode in the video above, when Niki comes face-to-face with Sharon and Samantha for the first time in over a year. Then, tune in Thursday to see what Niki and Jessey say they want to do to secure the future of their child.

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