A hopeful rap artist who quit college and hitchhiked to California from his home in the Midwest three- and-a-half months ago says he’s been living on the streets of Los Angeles, “smoking weed” and sometimes stealing food to survive. Twenty-one-year-old Nick says he was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder last summer, and claims smoking marijuana helps his mental health.

Nick’s mom and dad say they have come to Los Angeles to try to help their son get off the streets. When Nick asks his parents for cash to buy pot and they question why he needs it, Nick tells them, “It calms me down, therefore I am happier, I am more creative. I can sit down and focus.”

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Nick who claims he wants to raise awareness about mental illness says he was a different person before he started smoking pot. “Always depressed - always upset – always angry.”

Nick’s father (Nick Sr.) says “I think Nicholas researched coming out to California and discovered that this is a place where he can get a medical marijuana card and get all the marijuana he needs to self-medicate.”

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Nick claims he smokes pot four to five times a day and also occasionally consumes psychedelics. Nick’s mom, Jennifer, says he was prescribed Adderall™ during his senior year at college, but she claims he abused the medication.

Supporting her brother, Nick’s younger sister, Jacqueline says Nick is “The best mind I know – The best person I know.” She says she just wants Nick to get the help he deserves.

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Watch the video above as this family struggles with the challenge of trying to help one of their own as he battles homelessness and depression.

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