Diamond, a transgender woman, says she likes to drink, party, date men she meets online, and sometimes works as an escort. Currently homeless, Diamond says she’s lived in 13 different places and has been kicked out of multiple shelters over the past year because of her “provocative” behaviors. She also says she’s never had a job “because everything was always given to me.”

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Diamond’s mother, Kristi, says that taking care of Diamond has left her financially drained and emotionally destroyed. Kristi says she gives Diamond almost half of every paycheck to make sure she has money for food, clothes and makeup.

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“Diamond believes what’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers,” says Kristi, adding, “She thinks just because I brought her into this world, I need to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

When Dr. Phil points out that Diamond claims her mother “doesn’t really help me out that much,” how does Kristi respond?

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