Heather says she has tried to cut her homeless, alcohol-dependent mother, Valerie, out of her life, but the guilt of leaving her alone on the streets is killing her. Heather, her father, Peyton, and Valerie’s sister, Michelle, all say they’re extremely concerned for Valerie’s safety and wellbeing but are trying to practice “tough love” with Valerie so that she can hit rock bottom and finally seek help.

“To drop the ball completely and just totally throw me away was really hard on me,” says Valerie to her daughter. She says she hates living on the streets but claims her struggle with alcoholism won’t let her go.

“As much as I try to fight it – it’s very strong,” says Valerie in the video above.

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?’” airs Tuesday.

And later, when Valerie is offered an opportunity to change her circumstances through SHARE! Collaborative Housing, will she agree to give the program a try?

Dr. Phil airs Monday – Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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