Jennifer Jacobucci says her job as a police officer involves much more than just protecting and serving.

During her shift on June 21, 2016, she noticed a house fire as she was returning to her assignment at the Chicago O’Hare airport. Without hesitation, she went to the scene.

“The initial house where the call had come out was completely engulfed in flames, and it had already spread to the house to the north and the south of it,” Officer Jacobucci tells Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode. “There were still people inside the house. There was a woman on the second floor with two small dogs, got her out. There were still people sleeping on the first floor, so got them out, and then started clearing the rest of the rooms to make sure that there was nobody else in there.”

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The 10-year-veteran of the Chicago Police Department was treated for smoke inhalation and is hoping to return to work soon.

“Right now, there’s an awful lot of perception around America, some of it negative about police officers,” Dr. Phil says. “You made a decision to become a police officer, and I think we go passed it real fast, ‘To protect and serve,’ but that’s something you obviously take very seriously, and I think you would agree the vast, vast majority of your brothers and sisters in blue take very seriously.”

“That’s very true,” Officer Jacobucci replies. “There’s so much more to the job than just protecting and serving.”

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During the fifteen season of his talk show, which premieres September 12, Dr. Phil says he’s committed to shining a positive light on the men and women who wake up every day and willingly put themselves in harm’s way to keep people safe.

“You impacted some people’s lives that day,” Dr. Phil tells Officer Jacobucci. “What we’re wanting to do is help people understand that there are real people wearing these uniforms, and what you did that day made a huge, huge difference.”

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