Esther says in January 2021, her whole life changed. She says that’s when she started to suffer from extreme panic attacks, where she screams, throws herself on the floor, hyperventilates, and can’t sleep or leave the house. She says things got so bad, her father, Dave, had to quit his job and move into her studio apartment to take care of her. Esther says while her dad has been helpful, he has also been treating her like a child and watches her every move.
Esther’s mother, Mary, says she’s concerned that some of Dave’s decisions when it comes to taking care of Esther are questionable, including when he gave her three-times the amount of a prescribed medication.

Dr. Phil explains to the family how their behavior is dysfunctional and how it’s hindering Esther’s progress in the video above. Plus, he shares what they each need to do so that Esther can learn to live and function on her own.   
Hear more of their story on the episode, "'Pretty Panicked: Are My Parents My Triggers?'" Plus, Fox NFL reporter Jay Glazer shares his personal story of battling anxiety and depression that he calls “the gray.” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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