Hannah says she’s spent three out of the last four years in jail, but at this point in her life, the 21-year-old claims she’s “Not really doing anything illegal.”

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Hannah’s mother, Jacquelyn, says she doesn’t know how Hannah is supporting herself. She says she’s seen some of the photos her daughter posts of herself online and is concerned that Hannah might be working as an escort.

WATCH ‘I’m Not Really Doing Anything Illegal,’ Claims 21-Year-Old With Multiple Convictions

Hannah denies working as an escort. She claims she “finesses” guys on social media, selling pictures to earn money. “I don’t even use my photo half the time. I have other people’s photos that I use,” she says.

Jacquelyn says she and her husband, Jody, have cut Hannah off, and won’t allow her in their home. She says she’s torn between wanting to help her daughter and just walking away.

When Dr. Phil asks Hannah if she wants a relationship with her parents, how does she respond?

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