Sara claims her husband, Jason, has been verbally and physically abusing her for the past 20 years. The couple has been separated since late 2021, and Sara says she won’t go back until Jason changes his behavior.

Jason admits that he has always had a volatile temper and that when he feels provoked or disrespected, he doesn’t care who it is; he will use his hands to resolve the conflict.

Dr. Phil introduces Jason and Sara to Bar Rescue host and New York Times bestselling author Jon Taffer, whose newest book, “The Power of Conflict: Speak Your Mind and Get the Results You Want,” outlines how to engage in “conflict with a purpose.”

“I see the pain that you’re going through here, and I think that there are a couple of steps you could take that would make things better for you,” he says to the couple. When the author asks Jason whether he wants Sara to be scared of him, how does Jason respond?

Tune in to the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, ‘“Dangerous Love: A Couple’s Big Decision’,” on Wednesday to hear why Taffer says, “You must engage in conflict that is meaningful,” and find out how what he calls the “conflict calculator” can help people to take a step back and develop more constructive ways of resolving their differences.

And later, Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw, who has been an outspoken advocate for the victims of domestic violence for years, shares some words of encouragement with Sara.

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