Cindi admits that she has been filled with rage ever since learning four years ago that her father molested her daughters – a secret their mother says she heard for the first time in seven years. Her father was sentenced to 86 consecutive years in prison, but she says the “nightmare” is far from over.

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Cindi claims her extended family no longer speaks to her because they are convinced she made up the accusations. And Cindi’s immediate family says they have been torn apart and now find themselves at odds against each other. Cindi admits her anger has taken a toll on her marriage and says she and her husband are on the verge of divorce.

“I kind of took all men and just threw them all in one big lump as being obnoxious monsters and that, unfortunately, included him,” Cindi says of her husband Jason. “I’m not the woman he married.”

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Hear more from the husband and wife in the video above. And on Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Cindi’s daughters and how they say Cindi’s behavior has affected them. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Daughter Defends Mother Against Claims She Fabricated Abuse Allegations: ‘I Was Molested By Him’