Meat prices have skyrocketed during inflation, but Tim and Kelly still wanted to serve beef to their sixteen children, so they bought an entire cow to save money.

“It can add up quickly,” says Tim, noting that buying the cow turned out to be far less expensive than paying grocery store prices.

Kelly says the family saves money in other ways, too, like buying in bulk, cooking from scratch, and trading in three of the family’s vehicles for a large capacity van.

How are others coping with the high cost of living? Watch Monday’s episode,“How to Survive Inflation,” to hear from Dr. Phil audience members. Plus, economist and the author of the book “Outrageous Fortunes: The Twelve Surprising Trends That Will Reshape The Global Economy.” Dan Altman, explains the factors that are contributing to the current inflation crisis, and mother of eight Jordan Page, who runs the website ”Fun Cheap or Free,” shares tips tricks to save money.

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WATCH: Vlogger Shares Tips To Save Money At The Grocery Store

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Causes Of Current Inflation Crisis Explained

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