Daniel Drill-Mellum escaped prosecution for the 2014 rape of Abby Honold for over a year. The former University of Minnesota student was named as a suspect in two additional sexual assaults in the Minneapolis area but was living in Australia by the time police had enough evidence to charge him.

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Lieutenant Kevin Randolph, previously the sex crime investigator at the University of Minnesota Police Department, is the man who re-launched the investigation into Drill-Mellum after the charges against him in Abby’s case were initially dropped.

On Tuesday’s episode, Kevin Randolph joins Abby and Dr. Phil to talk about a crucial break in the case, and the moment he handcuffed Drill-Mellum in a Christmas Eve arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

“He was clearly shocked that we would walk onto an airplane and arrest him. He did not ask what it was for, he did not protest in any way,” says the detective.

Drill-Mellum eventually pled guilty to two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He was sentenced to six years in prison. What does Lt. Randolph say tipped him off to Drill-Mellum’s return to the U.S.? And how does Abby say she responded when she learned her attacker was finally in custody?

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This episode contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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