The family of Jordan Reichenberger claims he accompanied members of the Church of Wells to their compound on the night of Oct. 31, 2016, after preaching the gospel on Sixth Street in downtown Austin, Texas. The group has been accused of brainwashing its members and forcing them to sever ties with their families; claims church officials deny.

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Jordan’s brother, Ian, says it wasn’t until the then 27-year-old had been gone for a couple of days without contact that he was able to see security footage from Jordan’s last known location. He reported his findings to a family friend who is an expert in the field of missing persons.

“I called her, and I described the situation,” says Ian, adding, “We had seen a YouTube video of downtown Sixth Street - of the same man actually - yelling at people, telling them they need to fear God.”

Continuing, he says, “And then, we saw my brother leaving with this guy who’s screaming and yelling at people. And so, when I told her that, she’s like, ‘Oh that sounds like the Church of Wells.’”

A few days later, Ian says Jordan called the family from the church’s property, located over 200 miles northeast of Austin. How does he say they were able to convince Jordan to leave?

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Texas Street Preacher Describes Days Inside Church Of Wells