Cindi says after watching an episode of Dr. Phil about a young girl who had been raped by members of a football team, she had a discussion with her children about what to do if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. She says she never expected the reaction she saw from her two teen daughters.

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“My oldest daughter, Sydney, became really uptight and angry. She jumped up off the couch and she said, ‘Your dad raped me,’ and she instantly began to cry, and fall to the ground and as she did, she pointed at her little sister, Raechel and she said, ‘Not only did he do it to me, he did it to her, too.’ As I turned and looked at my youngest daughter, she was already curling up on the couch in the fetal position,” Cindi recalls.

“I wanted to kill him and I won’t be shy about that,” says Cindi’s husband, Jason.

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Cindi says once she revealed the secret to her family members, almost all of them took her father’s side. “None of them were concerned with the girls,” she says, of her daughters who were 10 and 8 when they say the abuse occurred. “My extended family, I no longer speak to …” because, Cindy claims, “they are convinced I made this up and forced my children to lie about it. I never would. I’d never put my children through this. I wouldn’t put myself through this.”

Raechel and Sydney testified against Clyde and he was sentenced 86 consecutive years in jail after a three-and-a-half year trial.

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“We thought this nightmare was over a year ago when he was convicted, but we were wrong. It’s not over,” Cindi says.

In the video above, the family describes how their lives have been “consumed” by this tragedy, how they say it has torn apart their family and why they are now at odds with each other. And, on Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Cindi says she’s filled with guilt and what Dr. Phil says she must do to get closure. Check here to see where you can watch.

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