When Sean, Scott and Alex were young boys, their mom, Geraldine, moved across the country to start a new family. They say they never understood how their mom, who they say was a great mom, could just up and leave and barely have any communication with them after that.

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Geraldine says she tried to stay in her boys’ lives but there were circumstances which prevented her from being able to see them often. Desperate to have a relationship with them and their children, she says she’s apologized numerous times, but her sons won’t move past it.

Sean, Scott and Alex say Geraldine’s apologies always come with an excuse, and they aren’t ready to let her back in their lives until she owns her behavior.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil offers mother and sons advice.

“You need to decide whether you want to be a right fighting victim or you want to be happy,” Dr. Phil says to Geraldine. “Because you’re behaving like you want to be a right fighting victim.”

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He offers to provide professional help for Geraldine. “I don’t think these three are or should let you into their lives unless and until you get the kind of help that I’m talking about, and that independent professional can say to them in good conscience that 'I believe you can begin to have a relationship with your mother,'” Dr. Phil continues.

He tells the sons that once Geraldine has worked on herself, they can start to have a relationship with her by taking baby steps and putting up boundaries. “If she violates that, you pull back, if she doesn’t then you take the next step,” Dr. Phil says.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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Author Ben Raymond, Who Put Himself In Foster Care As A Teen, Offers Advice To Brothers Who Claim They Were Abandoned By Their Mom