Two years ago, Jaimee was fighting with her mother for custody of her two daughters. At the time, her mother, Allison, said she had been raising her two granddaughters for four years because she said Jaimee abandoned her daughters for a life on the streets of drugs and prostitution.

“Her choice was to choose the pimp over her children. And I told her, ‘Jaimee, if you choose this lifestyle, I cannot let you have your children,’” Allison told Dr. Phil at the time.

Jaimee insisted that she was drug-free and had put her dangerous lifestyle behind her, and she wanted full custody of her children – but Allison said she wasn’t "giving up" her granddaughters without a fight.

Both mother and daughter say there have been big changes in their lives since their first appearance. Watch the video above to find out how they are doing today.