Kimberly claims her 18-year-old son, Colin, has inappropriately touched several young girls, including his younger sister, Addison. She claims the teen first molested another child when he was 9 and continued offending until he was a teen. She says Addison, who is a year younger than Colin, was first touched by him at 11 and then again at 13. But Kimberly admits she didn’t report Colin’s behavior to authorities after any of the incidents.

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“The first time Colin molested my daughter, I didn’t call the police, I did take him to a counselor. The counselor wanted him to see a psychiatrist to put him on medicine, so I pulled him out of there, and I didn’t take him back and I didn’t take him to see anybody else,” Kimberly says. “When Colin molested Addison the second time, I couldn’t believe that he did it again. I yelled at him, but at that point he was taken to a counselor again, which was a mandated reporter, and they called Social Services, and he was removed from the home.”

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Addison says she told her mother about both incidents and was angry when her mother didn’t take action. “I feel like my parents didn’t protect me,” the 17-year-old says. “I wanted them to put me first, and I don’t feel like they did that.”

Kimberly says Colin was gone for three years and lived in four different group homes but has never completed a sex offender program.

“I am afraid that Colin could offend again,” she says.

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In the video above, Kimberly offers a tearful apology to Addison. Would she react differently if she was faced with a similar situation again? And, Dr. Phil questions the mom about what she did after learning Colin inappropriately touched another young girl. On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Colin. What does he have to say about molesting his sister? Check here to see where you can watch.

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