Dr. Frank Lawlis, co-founder of the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center and chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, offers advice to Ryan, who says he has been suffering from extreme anxiety.

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Dr. Lawlis explains that biofeedback and cognitive behavioral approaches could help the 27-year-old figure out how his brain works. “He needs to learn how to calm down his brain, which he’s trying to do already, but give him skills in terms of a very safe environment to begin with,” Dr. Lawlis explains to Ryan and Dr. Phil during Monday’s show. “And then, the next step would be to carry that out to the next level in situations that he gets anxiety.”

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Learn more in the video above, including why Dr. Phil and Dr. Lawlis believe Ryan may be able to get his behavior under control in a short amount of time.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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Man Who Suffers From Panic Attacks Learns What May Be Causing The Condition 

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