After 23 years of marriage, Stacey says that she discovered that her husband, Dave, was having an affair with, she claims, an exotic dancer.

"My children know a lot about the violence and the craziness that has gone on between Dave and I," claims Stacey, a mom of six. "I am definitely guilty of it and I feel horrible. I definitely did use the kids to punish Dave."

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Their daughter, Alyssa, was 12 years old when she says her mom shared details about her dad's affair. "I knew my life was going to change at that point," says Alyssa, 19, who says she has moved 19 times in the last seven years. "I felt like I had chaos and instability in my life from moving so many times, and I had to drop out of school. I was a very angry teenager."

Watch the video above as Alyssa describes what she witnessed as a child, why she says she's concerned about her 12-year-old sister, and her stern advice for her parents who she says need to "wake up and take care of the kids they still have."

Should Stacey and Dave reconcile or is there too much anger and hostility between them to make peace? Hear Dr. Phil's advice here. This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.