Carrie says that during her pregnancy, she gained 50 pounds. In an effort to lose the weight, she entered a bikini competition and worked hard for six months to get her body ready. Now, she says she wants to renew her face, just like her body.
“I went from overweight to overjoyed, but the weight loss has really taken a toll on my skin,” Carrie says. “I see there’s a sagginess and a dullness. But now, I’m getting dark spots which are trickier to hide.”

Carrie joins Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode, along with Dr. Nina Desai, Dermatologist and spokesperson for RoC Skincare, who suggests Carrie try RoC’s new Revive + Glow Serum with Vitamin C.
“This product is clinically proven to deliver instant radiance and visibly improve firmness,” Dr. Desai says.
Learn more about RoC’s Revive + Glow Serum with Vitamin C in the video above.
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