Ashley admits to digitally “stealing” hundreds of social media photos of April and Nathan’s 4-year-old twin daughters over the years, reposting them on her own social media pages. She presented the girls as her own children, even giving them names – Adaya and Kamberlin.

Not only did Ashley post the photos on her own social media accounts, where she would often slightly alter or blur the images and give them her own captions, but she also posted pictures of the girls on a page attributed to her deceased mother.

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“You went to the point of your mother posting pictures of these children, correct? In 2012 … where your mother is posting pictures of her grandchildren and bragging about how wonderful they are,” Dr. Phil asks Ashley. “But your mother died in [2009] and you’re posting pictures here in 2012.”

While Ashley eventually admitted to digitally taking the photos from April and Nathan, she had insisted that although those photos were not of her own daughters, she said she was the mother of twin girls born around the same time as Nathan and April’s girls.

But, Ashley claimed she lost contact with her children when there were 7 months old because she had been sent to prison for burglary and forgery.

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Watch the video above as Dr. Phil urges Ashley to be truthful about whether or not she actually had children of her own.

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