Kala Brown claims she was abducted in August 2016 by real estate agent Todd Kohlhepp. The 30-year-old, who says she was chained in a dark metal container and could barely move, claims she was raped multiple times a day. She claims that Kohlepp had a fantasy that she would fall in love with him and that the two would become a couple. She says that’s when she realized if she pleased Kohlhepp and didn’t try to run or hurt him, she had a better chance of surviving her captivity.

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In the video above from Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Brown airing Tuesday, Dr. Phil asks her, “You said there was a point at about a month that you started to get kind of brave, that you realized you were more valuable to him alive than dead. You were actually gaining some control.”

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Brown agrees. “He didn’t want to kill me, he wanted to keep me,” she says. “According to the stories he told me, I had already been alive longer than anyone else.”

Brown was finally freed in November 2016 after she was rescued by law enforcement. Shortly after, it was reported that Kohlhepp had killed multiple other people and is now a suspected serial killer. He has been charged with seven counts of homicide, unlawful possession of weapons, and kidnapping. Watch more from this episode here.

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Woman Claims Alleged Abductor Hoped She Would Fall In Love With Him