Danielle says a year ago, something switched in her body and she went from being fun and energetic to being consumed by anxiety. When she first appeared on Dr. Phil, she said she was living her life “minute by minute” because of her debilitating panic attacks. The young mother of three, who had visited 27 doctors and been to the ER 40 times, said she used to have dreams and goals but that she could no longer drive, work or take care of her children on her own, and she was certain that there was something more going on that was making her sick.

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Dr. Phil explained to Danielle that she must get her anxiety under control before doctors would be able to determine if there was another issue underlying her behavior. “Whether it’s a heart problem, a heart valve problem, whatever’s going on, this will mask it until you get this under control,” he tells her. “They will never find it.”

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Did Danielle take Dr. Phil’s advice and try biofeedback therapy? How is her life now? Watch the video above to hear Danielle’s update.

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