Addison was sexually molested by her older brother, Colin, when she was 11 and 13. She claims her parents never took any action when they learned of his behavior, and things in the house carried on as “normal.”

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Addison says it wasn’t until her mom finally took her brother to a therapist after the second incident that Child Protective Services became involved and Colin was removed from the home. Colin was registered in numerous sexual predator programs but never completed any because of what he calls his “laziness”.

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Dr. Phil tells Addison’s parents how he believes their lack of action has permanently affected their daughter – and their son.

“When he offends against her and you don’t do anything decisive, it tells him that it’s OK, and it tells her that she’s not of value,” he explains. “That’s a very toxic situation.”

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To Addison, he says, “Victims of sexual molestation, if you don’t get the help that you need, the risk of you being victimized again is as much as a thousand percent more than the general population. As much as a thousand percent more, because you define yourself in a different way, and you conduct yourself in a different way, you accept different things.”

To the parents, Dr. Phil says, “What you’re talking about here that happened between a brother and a sister in their pre-teens is not something that had a beginning and an end; it’s still going on today. And for her to have to sit at a dinner table with the individual who molested her and pretend that nothing ever happened is absolutely absurd, and ridiculous and cannot go on.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil also has some stern words for Colin. On Friday's episode, see what happens when Dr. Phil offers him the opportunity to go to treatment. Is he ready to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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