Maddie’s family says she has anorexia and they’re afraid it will kill her. Maddie says she has anxiety and depression, but adamantly denies she has an eating disorder. She says she’s unhappy with the way she looks and just wants to reach her goal of dropping below 100 lbs.

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“Oftentimes people think things are purely psychological when oftentimes, they’re really not,” says Dr. Phil, who explains the neurobiology of anorexia, and how brain chemistry can influence the progression of the disease.

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“This isn’t a matter of you’ve just decided, ‘I don’t want to eat.’ It’s just a matter of your brain has discerned that food equals anxiety,” he tells Maddie in the video above, adding, ‘And unless or until someone gives you a better way to control that than starvation; you’re going to do what works.”

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