When Corryn was 8 years old, her mother, Cristie, says she was the victim of a sex crime while at a sleepover. Now, 11 years later, this violation may be affecting Corryn’s behavior in her current relationship.

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The teen admits that every time she and her on-again, off-again boyfriend break up, she can’t let go of him and sometimes, her behavior is “out of control.” She says she shows up at his house and hides out waiting for him to return, breaks into his social media accounts and calls him up to 100 times a day – even though she claims he has been physical with her.

Dr. Phil explains to the 19-year-old how the trauma she suffered in childhood is likely still affecting her behavior now.

“People who have survived sexual abuse and molestation need very specific kinds of help so as not to define themselves in a damaged fashion,” he says. “It’s very clear to me that your self-esteem and self-worth was very damaged there, and your personal truth has been trampled on, and that’s never been repaired. That’s never been fixed. And the problem is our personal truth is what we believe about ourselves at our absolute core, and we generate the results we believe we deserve.”

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In the video above, hear what Dr. Phil says Corryn must do before she can enter into a new relationship. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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