After getting kicked out of his parents' home, 31-year-old Justin opens up to Dr. Phil about why he's "tired of living" and believes he's "too far gone." Watch his heart-wrenching plea for help, and a powerful wake-up call from Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil says, "Sometimes, it just seems things can get to the point that no matter what you do, you don't seem to be able to make a difference. And we get into a perceptual set that is best described as learned helplessness. It's worse than depression. In depression, you're down. In learned helplessness, you're just totally apathetic. It's like, 'Nothing I can do can to change things. And sometimes, it's best if we get into what I call constructive decompensation. Sometimes, it's better if it just seems like everything is just falling to hell apart."

Dr. Phil tells Justin, "You do this a step at a time. You need somebody to quit judging you and telling you what a worthless son of a bitch you are, and help you be the man that you can be. How about we quit judging you and start helping you, how would that be?"