Alaska calls herself a professional cuddler and says her services are innocent. She says she started a cuddling website to help those affected by PTSD, anxiety, and depression, but that she added a dating feature to fulfill the desires of her clients.

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During her conversation with Dr. Phil and her husband, Paul, she reveals that she has multiple profiles on the website and works as a cuddler as well, even though she promised her husband she was just running the business.

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Paul says there’s nothing professional about her posting provocative photos and having cuddle time with clients. He says it could be deadly and goes against everything that their 12-year marriage stands for.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Alaska why she thinks she’s been offered $600-$10,000 to cuddle with her clients, when most cuddling websites charge $60-$120.

This episode airs on Wednesday. And on Thursday, what made Alaska angry during the taping? Check here to see where you can watch.

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