As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the government mandates to stay at home, many people are finding themselves in close quarters with their spouse or partner 24/7. This can create new challenges and relationship conflicts. In fact, in China, where self-quarantine has been in effect since January, there have been reports of a spike in divorce applications. 

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However, there are ways to lessen the tension and stress. Dr. Phil and Robin, who are self-isolating in their home to respect the government mandates, share how they’ve been getting along during these difficult times.  
“We’re doing fine because we’re going along with our normal lifestyle. And when we’re at home, we’re not glued together all the time,” Robin says on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “We’re allowing ourselves to do things that we normally do but also add in things that bring us comfort.”

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“I think that if you just talk to your partner about it straight up, and not pretend that there’s not something kind of hanging in the air, then I think it makes it a whole lot easier to deal with,” Dr. Phil says.
In the video above, Dr. Phil and Robin reveal some of the ways they’ve been passing the time while being at home.
On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil shares how to maintain a harmonious relationship while in quarantine. Check here to see where you can watch.