Jane and her two daughters, Victoria and Stephanie, say Jane’s oldest daughter, Alex, is tearing apart their family. They claim the 26-year-old is addicted to drugs, has been arrested numerous times and has been violent with them -- and she won’t take any responsibility for her behavior.

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Jane says that despite Alex’s claims that her family only sees the bad she’s done, they have supported her in numerous ways. She says they’ve sent her to rehab, she “forgives her constantly,” and she is taking care of Alex’s young child, who was born addicted to opiates according to Jane.

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“You’re the subject of emotional extortion,” Dr. Phil tells Jane. “You love Alex, right? So, it’s like if you don’t do certain things, she could wind up dying … Then she has a baby that she holds hostage.”

Hear more from Dr. Phil in the video above. And on Wednesday, hear from Alex. Does she want to change? Check here to see where you can tune in.

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